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by Impaled Peach

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Here's the second one. Some of these songs are as old as 12 years or as young as a couple of months. All were written, performed, and produced by me.


released May 29, 2017

Everything: E. A. Bartholomew



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Impaled Peach New York

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Track Name: Impaled Peaches
Peaches grow in fields aglow with
Sunlight in the summer
Feeling warm, the coming storm, it
Threatens them with thunder

Clouds advance with breezes blowing
Showers show no sign of slowing
Hail impales the peaches where they slumber

Bees abuzz with peachy fuzz fly
Flagging through the flowers
Trees are flecked with sparkling specks of
Water from the showers

Petals catch the raindrops’ drumming
Hear the summer birds are humming
The river takes the rain away
The moss is soaked for days
Pitted peaches while away the hours
Track Name: All the City Water
Head to toe, she let her body swallow
All the city water she could drink
Dipped her pretty head into the sink
For she didn't think

That anyone would mind her swimming
In the cloudy water where she lay
Let her tender hair hang where it may
On her dying day

The sun rose, but it didn't shine
The river flows, but it's only brine
Her love still grows, but it isn't mine
Track Name: Your Alarm
Wake up
Rise and shine
The sun is fat and red
You're such a sleepyhead
Wake up
This is your alarm

Get up
You're wasting time
Your legs are made of lead
Can't you roll out of bed?
Wake up
This is your alarm

Fuck up
You're no friend of mine
So give me your excuse
And I'll take your abuse
Wake up
This is your alarm
Track Name: The Hour
Windows at night shine into mine
Mine glows humbly with the moon
A shadow of some bedroom wall
Is thrown across the yard
Where the garden gets no sunlight till noon

Slim silhouette runs up a tree
Tree bends gently with the weight
Though floorboards creak and walls can shift
Bricks are here to stay
And no matter where you run, the streets are straight

Candle, candle, dim upon my face
Call your light, your child in flight
Back from my pillowcase
Candle, candle, dim upon my face
Call your light, your child in flight
Back from my pillowcase

Wind at the wall howls to the night
Night crawls softly with the hour
The hour
Track Name: Moss
Keeping time on the kingfisher's climb
And our consciences clean
By knocking the knots in the wood that we got
For our adding machine

Run so the sun never sets
Till we run out of breath

Tracing the moon dimly penned by a tune
That no one will hear
Because brick-braided alleys make steep, sleeping valleys
Seem level and clear

Run so the sun never sets
Till we run out of breath
All we are is moss on a rolling stone

Fluttering falls past the cemetery walls
Where the paupers are weighed
By hanging medallions and anthracite stallions
In vaulted arcades

Run so the sun never sets
Till we run out of breath
All we are is moss on a rolling stone
Track Name: Dreaming All Along
The lampshades are burning
The streetlight has been turning itself on
My eyes have been hurtin'
My blood and the curtains have been drawn
Ever since my sunshine has been gone

The fireflies are swarming
And dewdrops are forming on the lawn
The crickets are screaming
The blackbird has been dreaming all along
Ever since my sunshine has been gone
Track Name: The River
That feet may mar Juturna's spring
With trampled dust debris,
But wind will move the tarnished tide to sea;
That though she flies, the cooing dove
Will never know to sing;
That no decree
From up above
Can save our love;
That weakened, we
Can't but a string
In Cupid's crowded quiver

That I step once into a river
But cannot again,
For waters now were not the waters then,
And I and myself past are different men;
That if you douse the flame of care
I'll greet you with a shiver;
That even when
The stream runs rare
Or flame lacks air
In Neptune's den,
They still deliver
Till there's not a thing
To spare
Track Name: Town Around You
The sound around you closes in
And knocks around your head
Every word you ever knew
Is known to it instead

The town around you builds another
Block around your head
Nothing that you'd ever do
Could take back all the words you've said

The town around you crumbles
Track Name: Jellies
Yesterday, we woke up with the sunlight in our eyes
The brightest way to wake up of them all
And when I felt your fingers on my head,
It took me by surprise
'Cause jellyfish don't swim upon your wall

Do me no harm
The jellyfish alarm

Remember on the train, it took us thirty stops uptown
I thought we'd never make it to the park
And when we'd had enough of sunshine,
We came back down
I napped upon your shoulder after dark

Give me your arm
The jellyfish alarm
Track Name: Crests of a Crown
I fall as the slow sea crests
Just as hulking, white snow-tree nests
When chopping, are timber tops toppling
Waves crash as a sea bough dropping

I climb as the cliff-end peaks
Whither summit the stiff, bent creeks
Whose frowning, ice-crystal crown crowning
Holds down my heavy head drowning

I sink as the pale, rough moon's
Sloughing tides drain the stale lagoons
When flowing, brute undertow towing
Know elsewhere the white waves growing
Track Name: Where You're Going Now
I saw you yesterday
You said you couldn't stay
You're gonna follow the setting sun

When I saw you yesterday, your head was hollow
You couldn't wait to get away—no map to follow now
You're gonna pack it up and run

You don't know where you're going now
Even though where you're going now
Time won't go anywhere
And the season's turning

I saw you yesterday
You said you couldn't stay
You're takin' off for the west
Not really sure where you'll rest
Just gotta get this off your chest
Track Name: Mourning Doves
Without the April wind to send their song,
The mourning doves of Middlesex are singing
And will be heard never again from long
Away, if graduation bells are ringing

And now November rains erode the nests
That mourning doves assembled in the gardens
From where their mild and wind-warm coos caressed
My ear, to quiet earth that cools and hardens
Track Name: The Last Thing
Saw you in Penn Station on the phone
In a room of twenty people, all alone
You didn't lift your head
When the announcement came over the speaker
Just had a feeling in your bones:
"This is the last thing I want to do"

Saw you with your fingers in your ears
As the siren certified your fears
You didn't want to help
'Cause you knew you weren't my sister
Happy as long as nobody hears:
"This is the last thing I want to do"

Saw you with your makeup in a mess
You'll be down in fifteen minutes, no less
You never considered
That you deserved someone's affection
I'd like to know if you have any regrets
This is the last thing I want to do