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    This is a CD that looks like a peach. Every time you stick it on a CD nub, you'll be impaling a peach! It comes in a hand-assembled cardboardy slipcase that is 100% probably made from trees, so you know it's good! It also has a hi-res print of the album cover glued on the front, which is good because that's exactly where the album cover belongs. But wait, there's more: it has a slip with the tracklist on it, hand-typedwriter'd and hand-photocopied. I'll probably throw a number on there, too! It might be the individual production number! This CD is WAY more unique than a vinyl!

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This is my first full-length album. I've been working on it very slowly since about March 2010. Most of the songs are about dreams I've had, dreaming in general, nighttime, or the moon. I wrote, played, recorded, and produced everything you hear, except the intro chord progression in "Violet, Full Bloom," which was written by some kid whose name I forget. He was probably some kind of crazy gnome, anyway.


released July 10, 2011

E. A. Bartholomew



all rights reserved


Impaled Peach New York

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Track Name: Covers
Get under the covers
Pull them up to your face
Cotton and lace pillowcase
And covers
Track Name: Violet, Full Bloom
She's looking for petals in her hair
There's nothing there
When I see her walking home
Violet's all alone

Remember those heart-warm days
Setting buds ablaze on trees?
Petals blushing as they're rustling in the breeze
Remember how sweet it was
To hear distant buzzing bees?
Won't you bring me there, Violet?
I can swear by it, bring me there, Violet, please

You are the flower in my bed
You are the pattern on my head
You are the heart of her perfume
Can't wait to see you in full bloom
Track Name: The Cathode Commission
She comes in spades
They whittle roses in the shape
Of her face
Photographic flowers
A picture of trees

Origami sunset
Ripples on the dead leaves
The dead ones
They're fallen and brittle

She comes in spades
Her footfalls falling as I knew they would
Doesn't matter
My skull is a womb of petrified flesh

Does it shatter
When her foot falls?
Flashing a shutter
And strips a dimension

The fragile reception
The cardboard comrades guard the gate
Crimson, Veridian, Indigo
Track Name: From Leaves into the Hole
It's brilliant how we fall across the stars
Like hopping into puddles with cigars
And shipping our seeds
From leaves into the hole
We worm our way through spaces dim and cold

So gather all the beauty left unkissed
And strangle it with love while you exist
Take a swig of air
And hold it in your breast
To make your last breath longer than the rest
Track Name: Hymn of the Busser
I didn't want to be a busboy
It only came across that way
I didn't know that it would change me
I didn't know it would enrage me

I used to dream about recording my music
With Odin in a paratemporal rift
But now I dream about bringing him breadsticks
And it's bringing me down
Oh, it's bringing me down

I don't want to go to sleep now
I just got home from work
And sleep is just another job to me
It used to be fun, now it's slavery

I used to dream about the universe imploding
And a hundred thousand faces stuck in time
But now I dream about collecting their salad bowls
And it's bringing me down
Oh, it's bringing me down

Are you happy with your food?
Is there anything I can do
To make it better?
You want butter?

Are you finished with your plates?
I hope everything was great
Should I scrap it?
You want me to wrap it?

I used to dream about ancient civilizations
Fighting interstellar aliens and gods
But now I dream about washing their tables
And it's bringing me down
Oh, it's bringing me down
Track Name: Bricks and Roses
Bricks and roses, cold noses and arteries
The lips that I'm missing are kissing a part of me
How in my heart, there's a sound that is starting
To swell

Under our star, all we are is astronomy
Dawn's red fingers, please linger on top of me
Here on my head, and bring me to bed
Where it's warm

And at last, I feel at home
When your fingertips walk on my dome
They scratch at the skin
And dig themselves down to the bone

Bricks and roses are red when they want to be
Track Name: Some Distant Daydream
Stay as the day goes down
As the sunlight lingers, glasses drip
Let the sunlight fingers lose their grip

Smile as the skyline frowns
In some distant daydream, night is near
And the moonlight may seem oddly clear
For an evening, somehow

Daydream, comes and goes
As clever as it may seem
Be ready when a deal comes
You can't be having daydreams
When you should be having real ones
In a daydream
Comes and goes most afternoons
Track Name: The Breeze
I want to be the breeze
I want to be free
In all its forms and bring
The ice and storms and sing
The way it used to be

I want to be the wind
Hear as I begin
To stumble by the night
And hanging high and light
As bedsheets by a pin

Remind me of the
Branches feeling
Dewdrops kneeling
In the wold

Put your fingers fast to
Sleeping, buried
Cheekbones cherried
By the cold

I want to live on
I want to be gone
From automatic fates
Free from static states
Not to see the dawn

I want to dissolve
I want to revolve
Around no spinning poles
Between no grinning souls
With eyes locked in their love
Track Name: Moonhand Ramble
Of course, I love the moon, he typed with force and accuracy. Next line. I would bury my shivering feet in its face and dance, sublunar, a crater for each toe, and become the little finger of the minute hand of our heavenly timepiece. If only she would glance at me, who for all my life has turned away. If the moon had shoulders, they would be cold. Yes, she who tells the sea to blow coolly in his face and at his page's back. I will not poecize on you, he swears, and finishes another line: You who love many but too quickly; who spies all tenderly but too soon; who stares not with her eyes but with her face, her whole face. But unembarrassed? Could she hide it, would she? And what, judge all from above, like me? he ponders, or hopes. She blows in his face again to say: Fly away little mosquito, you've had your fill of me and I gave my blood a donor unashamed. But enough is enough, blood is blood, and one night is just one night.
Track Name: Moonless Sonata for Sun
Black windowpane
On a moonless night
Ears to the window
Hear as the wind blows
Off the tin-shingled roof
Through the blackbirds' nest
Listen as wind meets
Their warm, sleeping heartbeats

Watch the moon cast a shadow on the floor
Can't see stars from our window anymore

I am the sunshine
I am the light
I am your sunshine
I am your life
Scattered clouds
Come into view
Scatter, clouds
Fade into blue

Bluebirds hop and warm up their throats
Bluebirds drop a worm down their throats
Bluebirds sing a happier song
Bluebirds bring the daylight along
Track Name: Bottom Sheet
Kick off the covers
Let the blood rush to your feet
Soft and sweet bottom sheet
And covers
Track Name: The Last Thing I Want To Do
This is the last thing I want to do